Mary Jane Nusbaum


“She arose from her chair and led them down a highly-polished corridor. Mma Ramotswe noticed, with approval, how clean the house was. She knew how much hard work there would be in this woman; throughout the country there were women who worked and worked and who were rarely given any praise. Politicians claimed the credit for building Botswana, but how dare they? How dare they claim the credit for all the hard work of people like Mma Kerileng, and women like her.” 

--Alexander McCall Smith, Author of The No.1 Ladies’ Detective Agency



Jenny Wonderling


Jenny loves to gather and share stories, and help to enrich other people’s-- and since 2005 she has done that through the vehicle of retail. A child of multicultural roots, raised to feel the whole world was home, she has felt a responsibility to contribute, inspire, and be a good steward and neighbor. Wanderlust carried her to all ends of the globe, deepening her caring for our planet and world community. Her shops called Nectar focused on sourcing and selling handmade, sustainable products, supporting Fair Trade programs, women's cooperatives, and environmental initiatives. Jenny feels that within each object is a trail of potent human interactions, and that we each have a responsibility to consider our impact every step of the way-- from sourcing to how an item will impact the earth long after the impulse-buy has occurred. The tendrils of a new dream have blossomed that quietly hold the seeds of her shops within the soil and blooms...  In both towns and cities, there is a widespread longing to share authentically, something she felt she was only touching on by showcasing and selling goods. What if people could connect through making, creating, growing, and healing together? Jenny is excited to bring her love of design, experience with merchandising, marketing, event planning, and sales to Circle.  Her passion for writing and story will bud through journal writing classes, and the gathering of stories for blogs and video on this site.  Lastly, (but not at all least,) her experience as a mother of three helps her understand the longing and importance to live and create in community-- for the balance and health of the whole family...


Melissa Hewitt


‘"Hope" is the thing with feathers-- That perches in the soul-- And sings the tune without the words-- And never stops--at all.”

--Emily Dickenson